Refereed Conference Proceedings

McInnis, B., Nam, C., Cosley, D., & Leshed, G. (2016). Taking a HIT: Designing around rejection, mistrust, risk, and workers’ experiences in Amazon Mechanical Turk. Proceedings of CHI 2016, San Jose, CA, 2271-2282.

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Journal Articles

Epstein, D. & Leshed, G. (2016). The magic sauce: Practices of facilitation in online policy deliberation. Journal of Public Deliberation: Vol. 12: Iss. 1, Article 4.

Other Refereed Publications

Kaplan, M., Leshed, G., Kutnick, T. (2013). Public Spheres: Ideas taking shape. CSCW 2013 Extended Abstracts (Work in Progress), San Antonio, TX.

Cheng, J., Bapat, A., Thomas, G., Tse, K., Nawathe, N., Crockett, J. & Leshed, G. (2011). GoSlow: designing for slowness, reflection and solitude. CHI 2011 Extended Abstracts (alt.chi), Vancouver, Canada, 429-438.

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Diamant, E.I., Echenique, A., Lim, B., Leshed, G., & Fussell, S.R. (2009). Supporting intercultural collaboration with dynamic feedback systems: preliminary evidence from a creative design task. CHI 2009 Extended Abstracts (Work in Progress), Boston, MA, 3997-4002.

Leshed, G., & Kaye, J. (2006). Understanding how bloggers feel: recognizing affect in blog posts. CHI 2006 Extended Abstracts (Work-in-Progress), Montréal, Québec, Canada, 1019-1024.

Book Chapters

Leshed, G., & Hakansson, M.. (2014) “Rainy days work best for us”: Lessons from home-based family interviews. In T.K. Judge & C. Neustaedter (Eds.). Studying and designing technology for domestic life: Lessons from home. Waltham, MA: Elsevier.

McLeod, P.L., & Leshed, G. (2011) As long as they don’t know where I live: information disclosure strategies for managing identity in Second Life. In A. Peachy & M. Childs (Eds.). Reinventing Ourselves: Contemporary Concepts of Identity in Virtual Worlds. New York, NY: Springer.

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Leshed, G. (2009). Silencing the clatter: removing anonymity from a corporate online community. In T. Davies & S. P. Gangadharan (Eds.) Online Deliberation: Design, Research, and Practice (pp. 243-251). Stanford University: CSLI.

Other Publications

Leshed. G. (2012). Slowing down with personal productivity tools. interactions magazine, Volume 19 Issue 1, January-February 2012.

McInnis, B. & Leshed. G. (2016). Running user studies with crowd workers. interactions magazine, Volume 23 Issue 5, September + October 2016.


Leshed, G. (2009). Automated language-based feedback for teamwork behaviors (6.1 MB). Ph.D. Dissertation, Information Science, Cornell University.

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